Monday, September 20, 2010


August and September is harvest time for one more
of the haut de gamme French potatoes, the
Pompadour. It's cultivation is difficult and its
production limited, so buy it while it lasts!  

Ennobled with the Label Rouge, a trusted gallic
mark of quality, and named for Louis XV's favorite
mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, this potato
has a buttery extra-comfort-food taste.  Just one
bite and you feel everything is right with the

A hybrid created in 1992, the Pompadour is a cross
between the Roseval, a hardy red-skinned potato, 
and an ordinary rustic potato, the BF15.  The 
marriage resulted in a fragil tuber--a labor of love 
to grow--but one that tasted oh, so good. So good 
that four agricultural producers in the Picardie 
region formed an association to promote this 
exceptional potato that holds its form when cooked 
but magically melts in your mouth when eaten. The  
ideal potato to accompany sole meunière

For a detailed take in French on the production of 
this choice potato, check out a website maintained
by the four exclusive Pompadour producers:

Text & photo ©2010 P.B.Lecron

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