Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm taking a break from doing grocery shopping and at the same time testing a fresh farmers' produce delivery system. The big plus is that my weekly carton of seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meats are organically grown by small producers. Another is that not shopping leaves more free time to chop all of those vegetables.

Salade mâche fresh from the grower. Wonderful
with cubed red beets and vinaigrette.
What I especially like (besides the fact that the delivery man wears a necktie) is probably what others would especially dislike: abdicating food choice decisions. (This is the closest I'll ever come to being in a mean reality-tv cooking show predicament.) 

The online outfit which currently has my business--there are several and I'd like to try as many as possible--allows its clients to delete and replace food items from a pre-composed list. But I don't bother. I make two simple decisions: first choose from which region I want the terroir produce, either the Pays de Loire or Provence; and second what size box, i.e., quantity of food, I want. Two clicks and a week's worth of healthy surprises are delivered to my door. 

Simple and good recipes using the main ingredients of the week are thoughtfully tucked into the carton. Une aubaine.

Vocabulary lesson
Faire des courses: to do some shopping; to run errands
Terroir: terrain of geographical zone considered in relation to agriculture; e.g., the particular growing conditions coupled with man's know-how affect the taste and quality of terroir products
Salade mâche: lambs' lettuce (as opposed to lambs' quarters which is a different plant); corn salad
Aubaine: unhoped for advantage; godsend

Look for this government approval label when shopping for organic foods in France.

Text & photo ©2011 P.B.Lecron


  1. shopping ou leche vitrine c'est agreable !
    je prefere Brahms a Chopin (shoppin)...

  2. Your comment is better than the post! Thanks!!