Friday, February 25, 2011


You'll know une maison de maître when you see one. It's generally defined as a large country house lived in by the property owner; and by extension a spacious and opulent abode. They're often colonial homes, chateaux, villas, or large "lordly" farm houses. This fashionable 19th century maison de

maître with iron pergola caught my eye while shopping at the bustling Tuesday morning market in the otherwise sleepy village of Olonzac, population 1, 568. Olonzac is an old Cathar town located in the Minervois wine-growing region in the Hérault Department, just west of the Mediterranean coast in the South of France. The last time I checked the house was for sale...

maison de maître: master's house
Cathar: medieval Christian sect violently persecuted in the 13th century as heretic; adepts professed a form of Manichaean dualism and sought to achieve great spiritual purity

Text & photos ©2011 P.B. Lecron

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