Monday, April 23, 2012


Let your shoes carry you up these stairs to the mezzanine of the Musée Le Secq des Tournelles, a remarkable antique wrought iron museum in Rouen. The steps, an unexpected treat in the late 15th-century church converted into museum, are covered with an extremely durable and handsome antique linoleum, reinforced by nailed leather nosing. Honestly. High quality, organically based linoleum was invented by an Englishman in 1855. 

un nez de marche:  mold or nosing on a stair
un escalier:  a staircase
le cuir:  leather

Music link: Stairway to Paradise, with the late French singer Georges Guétary, from Vincente Minnelli's An American in Paris

©2012 P.B. Lecron

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