Wednesday, November 21, 2012


No, this blog post is not about bacon, but butter. Only an hour after a family member brought home from the Brittany coast four different flavored butters, I heard a French gastronome on a radio program fervently declare that butter was the soul of French cooking. 

These artisanal specialty butters churned with tangy ingredients come from the renowned butter maker, Jean-Yves Bordier, established in Saint-Malo and Rennes. Bordier also offers exclusive made to order butters for les grand chefs according to their own criteria for saltiness, form and use. 
From top, left to right:  classic sweet, smoked salt, seaweed and chili pepper butters. Below a peek inside La Fromagé, Bordier's shop in Saint-Malo.

Avoir le beurre et l'argent du beurre:  to have one's own cake and to eat it, too; literally to have butter and the money from selling it

une baratte:  a churn
sur-mesure:  made to order
l'esprit de beurre:  butter spirit

©2012 P.B. Lecron

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  1. I've never liked butter...until last year when i visited Paris. Oh my goodness, i was eating French butter like it was cheese! The flavour is like nothing i've ever had before. Since i've come home, i've been buying imported French cholesterol went up after I came home from the trip (not surprisingly give the amount of butter i ate while in Paris) so of course i've only been eating it as a treat. French butter is beyond delicious.