Sunday, August 25, 2013


De toutes les passions, la seule vraiment respectable me parait être la gourmandise.
 Guy de Maupassant said it in Amoureux et Primeurs,  in the chronicle Le Gaulois:  Of all passions, the only truly respectable one seems to me to be gourmandism. 

Artisanal ice cream laid in wait somewhere beneath the cornucopia of fresh fruit and chantilly. Served under the arcades of the outdoor terrace of my now favorite ice cream parlour in Uzès, Passion Vanille, 1 Place aux Herbes.

©2013 P.B. Lecron


  1. Chère Madame Lecron,

    I've been following your blog for several months. What attracted me was your photography, as a photojournalist, to provide insights of French history, cuisine, folklore, or culture, and expound - sprinkled with some humor - on the interesting subject(s) that was captured with your camera. As a francophile, I also appreciate, beaucoup, beaucoup de the vocabulary lessons. Bon travail.

    Je suis jaloux que vous habitez en France avec votre famille. Quel rêve! C'est génial!

    Je suis retrait. Peut-être un jour je peux vivre à Paris. I had even considered buying an apt. Qui sait? For now, following your blog allows me to live vicariously.

    Anyway, in my French class at Alliance Française, when new students introduce each other, I like to tell them, je suis flâneur parisien. And this is a photo I took on a Montmartre promenade. Thought your like-minded followers might enjoy it. Feel free to share it if you like. The French and English translation of the Latin inscription I found on This remedy, I believe, is not what a medical doctor would have prescribed? Do you think it was, at one time, a drinking establishment boutique before it was this women's apparel boutique?

    "Si de boire le soir te fais mal, Rebois le matin et tu seras guéri."

    Do you have regular publications that we can access? French or English?

    Please do not retire or go away.

    Best regards,

    Eugene Lee

  2. Thank you, Eugene! What an inspiration. I'm glad you enjoy my blog and hope you continue to read it!