Sunday, June 26, 2016


French comfort food on a rainy day in Normandie
Not just any fold will do
The French's penchant for specificity operates right down to folding crêpes, of which there are at least 12 distinct methods, each one as attractive as the other. The above sarrasin or buckwheat crêpe with mushrooms, served in a rickety hotel restaurant in the village of Giverny, is an example of le pli en chausson. The word chausson generally means house slipper, and is often translated as "turnover" when speaking, for example, of pastries. Here, the form truly brings to mind an old, roomy slipper. To learn more about the different techniques, which include the very simple pli en journal to the stylish crêpes aux aumônières, click here.

plier:  to fold
un pli:  a fold, a pleat
le pliage: folding

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