Monday, July 25, 2016


Made from Scratch
Like the slate board says, the foods served in this restaurant are entirely prepared and elaborated by its own kitchen staff, which means that it qualifies for the French government's "Fait Maison" label. The label indicates to the prospective client that the dishes served are made on the premises and are not industrially prepared and assembled. Le Vieux Logis Restaurant in the charming village of Gerberoy goes a step further and posts a delectable litany of culinary skills practiced in its kitchen. After enjoying a delicious meal there of fresh, in-season local foods meticulously prepared and presented, we can vouch for the results.

Located in the heart of Picardie, Gerberoy is classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France. The French post-impressionist artist, Henri Le Sidaner, put Gerberoy on the map when he installed himself there in 1901; like his friend Claude Monet did in Giverny, Le Sidaner created his own country garden paradise of light and flowers. Roses and hollihocks abound in this medieval village.

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Of interest
A new French children's story written by my Franco-American daughter! And illustrated by yours truly.  Le Lapin et la lune, and it's English translation, The Rabbit and the Moon, are both available on worldwide Amazon sites.

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