Thursday, November 7, 2019


Quasiment--it's so much fun to say
Quasiment is our French word of the day, because our upcoming and third children's book is almost, or quasiment,
ready to be published. Written by my daughter and illustrated by myself, it will feature our favorite character, Papa Lapin, and introduce more of his friends, including Madame Loutre, or Mrs. Otter, above.

prochain, -e: next

Hands on for early literacy!
Reading children's books in a foreign language, at no matter what age, is a great jump-start for the acquisition of a second language! If you're learning French, or simply looking for a children's book in French, here is one of our own recommendations, complete with a charming text and watercolor illustrations: Le Lapin et le Roi Grenouille written by Marianne Lecron. Available on Amazon worldwide, in French and English. Click here for a peek inside!

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