Saturday, April 4, 2020


A term of endearment
A fresh head of cabbage has never looked so good as it does today during the current pandemic confinement. Widely cultivated, the sturdy staple has inspired a number of expressions in the French language, the simplest of which is a term of endearment:  mon chou.

mon chou:  sweetie, honey-pie, sugar
mon petit chou:  my little darling
un bout de chou:  a small child
être chou:  to be cute
être un chou:  to be nice, kind
être dans les choux:  to have failed at something
faire chou blanc:  to miss the mark; to draw a blank
faire ses choux gras:  to take advantage of or to profit from

Time to read
Immerse yourself or your child for a moment in an original French tale! Reading an illustrated children's story is a great way to jump-start the acquisition of a second language. If you're looking for something new, we suggest our latest story or conte, Le Lapin et l'Ornithorynque, written by my daughter, Marianne Lecron, and illustrated by myself. It and its English version, The Rabbit and the Platypus, are available on worldwide Amazon sites.

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