Monday, March 21, 2011


Early spring at Giverny
Lily pads and morning reflections at Giverny in early spring.

In 1899 Claude Monet began painting his water lily series, some of the most loved and well-known works of the 2Oth century. He continued to paint them until the end of his life:

"J'ai mis du temps à comprendre mes nymphéas... Je les cultivais sans songer à les peindre... Un paysage ne vous imprègne pas en un jour... Et puis, tout d'un coup, j'ai eu la révélation des féeries de mon étang. J'ai pris ma palette. Depuis ce temps, je n'ai guèrre eu d'autre modèle." -- Claude Monet

"It took me time to understand my water lilies... I planted them without ever thinking of painting them... A landscape doesn't pervade your spirit in one day... And then, all of sudden, I discovered the enchanting visions in my pond. I picked up my palette, and since then, I have hardly painted anything else." -- Claude Monet

"Je veux peindre l'air dans lequel se trouve le pont, la maison, le bateau. La beauté de l'air où ils sont, et ce n'est rien d'autre que l'impossible."-- Claude Monet

"I want to paint the air that's around the bridge, the house, the boat. The beauty of the air where they are, and it is nothing other than the impossible." -- Claude Monet

Monet's kitchen door.

Tulipier or tulip tree on the grounds.

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  1. The day i spent at Monet's garden last year (first open day in Spring) was one of the most awe inspiring days i've ever had. His home is a palette of eye popping colour that fills the soul with delight.