Saturday, April 23, 2011


What's new in French garden stores? First we saw...
Cushy pads. These new gardening boots are both kicky and a quick read. By Aigle, the manufacturer which has been giving 'the French touch' to outdoor wear and gear since 1853!
bottes en caoutchouc:  rubber boots
bottes de jardinage:  gardening boots
un jardin:  a garden
un jardinier:  a gardener
un aigle:  an eagle
avoir un coeur d'artichaut:  to have the heart of an artichoke, meaning to be a person who falls easily in love
avoir la patate:  to have the spud (literally), meaning to be in top physical form
raconter des salades:  to tell of salads (literally), meaning to tell tall tales
gagner du blé:  to earn wheat (literally), meaning to make money; to earn dough
en rang d'oignons:  in a row of onions, meaning in a line; originally the 17th century expression meant to be in a place where one was not invited

Then we noticed these...
Flower boxes have come out of the closet! New bright colors are as eye-catching as the flowers coordinated to bloom in them.

More vocabulary
une jardinière:  a flower box
un bac à fleurs:  a flower planter
du terreau:  (some) potting soil
une jardinerie:  a garden center
assorti, -e:  matched

Text & photos ©2011 P.B. Lecron

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