Sunday, April 3, 2011


My word, is that jar of apricots wearing a tutu? Be the first on your block to dress up your preserves with a round of tulle netting and gold elastic ribbon like these French cherries, prunes and apricots soaked in wine. A ballet on the shelves of the épicerie of Les Fermes de Gally, near Versailles.

une griotte:  a Morello cherry
une cerise:  a cherry
un pruneau:  a prune
un abricot:  an apricot
un garde-manger:  a pantry, a cupboard
une épicerie:  a grocery store
une ferme:  a farm
Text & photo ©2011 P.B. Lecron

An update...
Charming in another way, and teaching a lesson in the importance of helping others, is the newly published children's story Le lapin et la lune, écrit par Marianne Lecron, illustré par P. B. Lecron. It and its English version translated from the French, The Rabbit and the Moon, are available worldwide on Amazon.

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