Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our lastest favorite cheese
We hadn't even been aware of the flaxseed craze until we discovered that the Bray, a creamy and delicately textured artisanal cheese from Picardie, can be had with the wonder health food grain, too. What's interesting about the Bray is that it has the taste of a cow cheese and the fine consistency of a goat cheese. The cheese is a local terroir product of what is known as Pays de Bray, a long and narrow strip of rich dairy farming land that straddles the Seine-Maritime and Oise departments.

Softened during the cheesemaking process, the flaxseeds are not overly crunchy, but have a remarkable nutmeat consistency. Why not then at home, add flaxseeds, presoaked for about 2 hours, to creamed cheeses, cheeseballs or yogurts?

Say Cheese...
Everyone with a camera in hand the world over knows that to provoke a smile from an Englishman one only has to ask him to pronounce "cheese." Which French words have the same affect on a Frenchman? Try ouistiti, sexe...

The good address: Fromagerie Caséus, 1 place des Pilotes, Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme.

graines de lin: flaxseeds
lait cru:  raw milk
ouistiti: the French vernacular name given to different species of monkeys in South America; pronounced oui-sti-ti

©2011 P.B. Lecron

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