Sunday, June 17, 2012


Lavender has started blooming in the south of France! Friend and smart-phone photographer Sylvia sends these powdery close-ups from her garden in the Gard.  
I see lavender and think dessert--especially one that is decorated and perfumed with fresh lavender buds: une feuilleté aux abricots à la crème anglaise. A perfect marriage.
Tip: If you have a hankering to dot a crème anglaise with lavender buds, then its best to grow your own to ensure that the flowers aren't contaminated by pesticides or animal urine. Otherwise, buy organically grown culinary lavender.

la lavande:  lavender
un feuilleté:  a flaky puff pastry
une crème anglaise:  a classic dessert sauce made from a pourable vanilla custard
un bourgeon:  a bud
un abricot:  an apricot

En mûrissant, faites comme la lavande, adoucissez-vous.
Like lavender, grow sweeter as you grow older.

©2012 P.B. LECRON


  1. So lovely Patti ! Now you have to come down and smell these for real !!!! There's a lady here who makes lavender sherbet and it has such a delicate taste. And, to make "crème brûlée à la lavande" is also so delicious !

  2. you had me at "lavender"...another favourite in my Australian potted garden. i just added the Grosso variety after learning that they are the most fragrant. Great pics!