Saturday, September 15, 2012


Motto: Libre comme l'air
Self-serve on-street electrical car rental in Paris, with a model designed and produced no less by the Italian Pininfarina. It's been almost a year now since the pilot project was put in place offering a new transportation solution to the growing number of Parisians who live unencumbered by the possession, maintenance and parking of their own cars.

Long-term subscriptions can be organized online, while short term users can simply obtain a user's badge at one of the Autolib' offices by presenting a valid driver's license, identifcation card and credit card. The badge allows the user electronic self-access to an Autolib' car parked at one of the numerous dedicated parking stations located in Paris and the greater Parisian area, where he can simply unplug the car he has booked and take off.

When booking the car the user also reserves a parking spot at the return station of his choice, which completely eliminates the hassle of finding a parking place. The act of correctly reconnecting the car to the electrical outlet automatically terminates the rental. Low rental tarifs are calculated in thirty-minute and minute increments, ideal for quick trips and errands necessitating a car. 

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