Monday, May 26, 2014


The French don't have garage sales as Americans do. Instead, municipalities periodically organize events where private citizens, for a small fee, can have a space to sell old objects they no longer want. This one was held in the dappled shade of the Place aux Herbes in the very pretty city of Uzès, in the Gard. Photo contributed by friend Sylvia.

un vide-grenier:  an attic sale, a swap meet
une foire aux puces:  a flea market
un grenier:  an attic
vider:  to empty

©2014 P.B. Lecron


  1. Fantastic! I got some really great junk at that very place about ten years ago, the prize piece being a tin-cased pocket knife with an embossed Virgin Mary, stamped "Souvenir de Lourdes".

  2. Here in the UK they are referred to as "Car Boot Sales" Boot being the English equivalent of your 'trunk'. This is because they normally take place on a field with people selling from a stall which usually includes their car's boot.
    Steve S. U.K.

  3. What a fun photo. Uzès is one of my most favorite cities in France. Très charmant! We are moving to Normandy in August, and while I know I'll love the north, I'm already plotting a return to Uzès!