Monday, May 12, 2014


 A clever trick
To know how many days there are in any given month, French children are taught to make a closed fist and to recite the months touching their knuckles and the spaces in between. Starting with January on the first knuckle, all of the months that land on a knuckle have 31 days, and all of the months that fall in the valleys between have 30, except of course February which has even fewer.

un poing:  a fist
une articulation:  a knuckle
s'y mettre:  to put oneself to a task; knuckle down 
une astuce:  a clever trick

©2014 P.B. Lecron

An update...
Learning a foreign language? Know that reading children's books is great practice...not just for youngsters, but for adults, too! They are a great jumpstart for the acquisition of  a second language. For starters, here's my own family's contribution to A French Education's Reading List:  Le lapin et la lune, écrit par Marianne Lecron, illustré par P. B. Lecron.  It's English version, of course, is The Rabbit and the Moon.  Both are available on worldwide Amazon sites.

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