Thursday, September 1, 2016


From a children's clothing store window
One word says it all:  zut!  English translations include  "darn it," "blast," "rats," "dang it," "tarnation," "oh heck," "oh shoot," and whatever other mild interjection comes to your mind.  C'est la rentrée simply means it's back to school time. When one says rentrée at any time from mid-summer on, it's understood to refer to la rentrée des classes, or the start of the new school year.  While strolling the streets of Versailles last night on the eve of today's rentrée, I crossed the paths of tanned families in bermuda shorts unloading their cars, having just returned home from summer vacation. That's a real rentrée in every sense of the word.

rentrer:  to come home

©2016 P.B. Lecron

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  1. Well in fact rentrer simply means to go back... it could mean in various contexts, go back home, but also go back to work, to school, etc.