Saturday, July 22, 2017


La tête la première
Brueghelesque expressions are a presage of what visitors will see in the Jardins d'Étretât on the Normandy coast where a multitude of the resin heads are centerpieces in an incredible contemporary garden of topiary art. The heads are the work of Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo and are reminiscent of the carved stone faces that dot the terrain of another prominent suspended topiary garden, Les Jardins de Marqueyssac in the Dordogne. The Étretât garden is on the upper chalk cliff, la Falaise d'Amont, which affords a magnificent view of the opposite cliff and its the famous Aiguille, or needle structure. The above photograph was taken at the entrance of the garden.

Réfléchissons ensemble:  let's put our heads together

©2017 P.B. Lecron

An update...when immersion is easy
Think about it; reading children's books to learn a foreign language is a great way to jump-start the acquisition of a second language. If you're learning to speak French, or simply looking for a charming bedtime story as a gift for a child, then we recommend our own engaging and illustrated page-turner,
Le lapin et la lune, écrit par Marianne Lecron, illustré par P. B. Lecron. This, and an English version, The Rabbit and the Moon, are available on Amazon sites worldwide.

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