Saturday, March 31, 2018


It's amazing that this unauthorized street-art mosaic of a decapitated Louis XVI is still up on this building in the Notre Dame quarter of Versailles. From all accounts, the pixel-like work is that of the urban artist known world-wide as Invader. In the summer of 2017 he stealthily and surreptitiously installed a series of mosaics high up on buildings in Versailles. His pseudonym makes reference to the popular video game, Space Invaders. Some of the mosaics in the royal city have been removed, some have remained; for the decision of the mosaics' fate on private buildings has been left to property owners. For more examples of what was once up in Versailles, click here.

©2018 P. B. Lecron

Une nouveauté !
For the family that reads together:  a new children's story written by my daughter and illustrated by myself, Le lapin et la lune, is now available on Amazon. Its translation from the French, The Rabbit and the Moon, is likewise on sale.

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