Monday, October 8, 2018


The girolle or golden chanterelle is a choice and much sought-after culinary mushroom. Its season in France lasts from May through the end of November. These were on sale yesterday at the Versailles open market.

Reading matters!
If you or your child are learning French or English, then why not immerse yourselves in reading children's books? Illustrated and easy to understand, they are great learning sources and are a fun and effective way to jumpstart the acquisition of a second language--even for adults! 

We would like to recommend our collection of tales that not only delight, but also teach valuable moral lessons: our first and ever popular book,  Le Lapin et la Lune and its English version, The Rabbit and the Moon; as well as our newest and very colorful edition, Le Lapin et le Roi Grenouille, and its English version, The Rabbit and King Frog. All are available worldwide on Amazon. Click on the titles to take a peek!

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