Wednesday, October 31, 2018


This wrought-iron night-light, or veilleuse, in the form of a bat, dates to the 1930's and is on display in the Musée Le Secq des Tournelles, Rouen. According to information provided by the wrought-iron museum, the decorative form harkens back to olden days when superstitious ancestors would nail a bat on a barn to ward off bad luck.

une chauve-souris:  a bat
une veilleuse:  a night-light

A new book on the shelf ... 
Le Lapin et le Roi Grenouille
Young and the not so young will enjoy this new, illustrated tale, featuring Papa Lapin, the endearing protagonist from Le Lapin et la Lune. Both it and Le Lapin et le Roi Grenouille, as well as their English versions, The Rabbit and the Moon, and The Rabbit and King Frog, are available on worldwide Amazon sites. Click on the titles to take a peek!

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