Sunday, May 5, 2019


When it's time to tiptoe. . .
A sumptuous array of tulips and primulas adorn this plate-bande, or flower bed,
bursting with color at a shopping center in Versailles.
Marcher sur les plates-bandes de quelqu'un:  to step on somebody's toes; to encroach on

une plate-bande:  a flower bed
une primevère:  a primula
sur la pointe des pieds: on tiptoe

Read in French!
We're pleased to post these links to the French and English versions of a new children's story, written by my daughter and illustrated by myself: Le Lapin et le Roi Grenouilleécrit par Marianne Lecron , illustré par P. B. Lecron, and The Rabbit and King Frog. Click on the titles to take a peek!

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