Friday, November 19, 2010


Urban advertising is like stage decor for the theatrum mundi set.  

Photo by Eric Tenin.
As you like it: a traditional English breakfast--baked beans and eggs---revisited in a Eurostar train ad for a romantic getaway for two to London. It might have made some passengers think twice before going.

In the urban advertising category, this is one of the ads that best exemplifies the mildly sardonic French sense of humor, especially when English culinary and eating habits are concerned. I love this particular photo of the ad, which is indeed a memorable one: although it dates back to 2006,  I could still recall it, and think it worth the while to track down the Parisian photographer, Eric Tenin, for permission to use his great shot.

No comparison: The ad briefly appeared at bus stop panels all over the Parisian region. My own photo of it, taken in broad daylight, fell undramatically flat:

For a very lively and telling daily photo of Paris, there's no better place to click than maintained by Eric Tenin.

November 2010 is photo month, an event celebrated bi-annually in Paris. See

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  1. Excellent! (Well, I'm not talking about the photo, but the ad idea ;-))

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