Sunday, November 21, 2010


Autumnly, Ought We

Autumnly, ought we
As leaves do
Ought not we
fall automatically under a
blanket of bright blue?

Or should we brace ourselves
and break the fall?
Oughtn' we care?

As October leaves us lovers,
As October leaves our loves,
Autumnly tumble,
Ought not we, too?
by P.B. Lecron

Dusting Kisses

Although the morning was spent
And the evening went
Before the dust was swept back outdoors,
The morning glory did not miss its bloom
Nor the moss rose in the afternoon,

And lightning bugs like silver spoons
Glinting in an opened drawer
Remind us, sweet housekeepers,
That we like spoons and moons and Junes
And kisses kept as secrets after chores.
by P.B.Lecron


These poems date back to my poetry-writing days in the early 1980's when I still lived in Oklahoma dreaming. Like dust, poetry will keep; but unlike dust, it matters.  P.B.L. 

(I've borrowed these poems from another blog I used to write. The autumn leaves are from a magnificent, century-old tilleul or linden tree in the garden I used to keep in French Flanders. The silver spoons, however, followed me to France.)

Poems, text & photos ©2009 P.B.Lecron