Wednesday, November 3, 2010


His nibs, Kitty Quatorze

Because certain caretakers live on the grounds of the Château de Versailles with their families and pets, visitors will sometimes cross paths in the parc with a resident cat. That's no surprise considering first, that the lodgings scattered around the domaine are as old as the château and undoubtedly need mousers; and second, that cats will be cats.

I didn't have my camera the day I saw a mother cat and her pre-ado kittens stroll along the hornbeam hedges of the Allée Royale, but I did get these shots when taking photos to accompany a story I was working on for France Today. My subject was supposed to be La Flottille, a small Parisian-style restaurant on the banks of the Sun King's Grand Canal, but a photogenic royal inhabitant stole the scene.

Text & photos ©2010 P.B.Lecron

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  1. He was the "vedette du jour" or "Star of the day"!