Tuesday, January 10, 2012


En attente
Last but not least, it would seem, to be on the restoration list at the Domaine du Château de Versailles, is the superb cascading water fountain, le Buffet d'Eau. The bronze sculptures, once golden, represent water dieties, Neptune and his wife Amphitrite.
Red marble of Languedoc heightens the sense of impetuosity often associated with Neptune--and the flow of water.
Four young tritons, the equivalent of male mermaids, complete the mythical sea scene.

One of the more beautiful fountains in the park is probably one of the least visited; this masterpiece of Jules Hardouin-Mansart is on an extremity of the formal grounds near the Grand Trianon.  Depending on one's starting point--which for most is the château--seeing it can require a certain amount of determination.

une fountaine:  a fountain
en attente:  waiting
une restauration:  a restoration
marbre rouge de Languedoc:  red marble of Languedoc, a former province in the south of France

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