Monday, January 16, 2012


Chez Revert
Fancy that...this Versailles hardware store has been selling nails since 1799. The establishment has changed locations and owners since that time, but the business has been an ongoing affair for more than 200 years in the royal city.

What was happening in 1799?
For one thing, the Rosetta Stone was discovered by a French soldier, Pierre-François Bouchard, during Napoleon Bonaparte's expedition to Egypt. The stone, inscribed with the same text in three scripts including Egyptian
hieroglyphs, provided the key to deciphering the ancient Egyptian writing system. The Rosetta Stone fell into the hands of the British upon their defeat of the French in Egypt in 1801, and has since then been on display in the British Museum in London. Plaster casts of the stone were circulated among European scholars; it was Jean-François Champollion who in 1822 actually deciphered the stone, enabling the interpretations of many other early Egyptian records.

un clou:  a nail
une quincaillerie:  a hardware store
un vendeur:  a seller
décrypter:  to decode

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