Monday, March 5, 2012


For years ex-pats in France have substituted the French cream cheese St. Moret in American recipes calling for Philadelphia cream cheese. We've noticed that the Pennsylvania city's namesake cheese, however, has become available in most French chain supermarkets this past year and is being advertised nationally. Coinciding with this widespread Yankee intrusion on the French industrial cheese market has been an upgraded version of the pasteurized St. Moret cream cheese, moulé à la crème and salted with the gourmet fleur de sel. We're emballés, even if for an industrial cheese.

moulé:  molded
fleur de sel:  "flower of salt;" a high-quality French sea salt hand-harvested from the surface of shallow pools of seawater along the coast of France, especially in the Brittany region
emballer:  to wrap up or to envelop; to be enthusiastic about something,  familiar
un emballage:  packaging

©2012 P.B. Lecron

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