Saturday, August 25, 2012


Twelve meters high and 18 tons of bronze thumb on the Esplanade of La Défense. This colossal version of Le Pouce (The Thumb) sculpted by César (César Baldaccini, 1921-1988), is more imposing than aesthetic. The original sculpture, an enlargement of a mold of the artist's own thumb, was cast in 1965 and measured 1,85 meters. A 6 meter-high version was created for the 1988 summer Olympics in Seuol, South Korea. The massive thumb at La Défense was put place in 1994.

faire tâche:  to stick out like a sore thumb
faire du pouce:  to thumb a ride; to hitchhike
avoir deux mains gauches:  to be all thumbs
en règle générale:  as a rule of thumb
une signe d'approbation:  thumbs up
un coup de pouce:  a help, an aid
sur le pouce:  in a rapid manner
manger sur le pouce:  to grab a bite to eat; to have a quick snack

©2012 P.B. Lecron

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