Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Bricoler is one of the most useful words that you could possibly have in your French vocabulary. I've done some bricolage here, having fixed a bird feeder  onto the balcony railing with plastic-coated gardening wire for this darling and daring blue titmouse. A number of bases are covered with the verb bricoler, which can mean: to tinker, to do it yourself, to jerry-rig, to do odd jobs, to cobble together, to dabble, to muck about, to patch together, to fix, to potter about, to knock together, to tamper with, to badly repair, and etc., etc... Used as a noun, une bricole, however, is a knick-knack.

une mésange bleue:  a blue titmouse, which is a European cousin to the North American chickadee
une mangeoire:  a feeding trough or dish, here, a bird feeder
l'ornithologie pratiquée en amateur:  birding, bird-watching

©2015 P.B. Lecron

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