Friday, November 2, 2018


Beautiful dreamer
An unexpected, fluffy thistle seed resting on the brow of this iron ornament in a private garden in Saint-Omer gives this child figure a dreamy and wistful quality.

rêveur, rêveuse:  dreamy
un rêveur:  a dreamer
chimérique:  fanciful

Time to read!
There's nothing quite like the unexpectedness of an imaginary tale to incite children to read! Here's an enchanting, fully illustrated story to delight both young and old alike! Papa Lapin, whom some of you might have already met in our first children's story, Le Lapin et la Lune, is the protagonist in Le Lapin le Roi Grenouille. Both books gently teach moral lessons and use an enhanced vocabulary to stimulate young readers' curiosity. They are also available in English: The Rabbit and the Moon, and The Rabbit and King Frog. Click on the title to take a peek!

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