Friday, December 9, 2011


When Repetto, the world reference in danse shoes since 1947, announced yesterday that it was getting into the perfume business and would introduce a powdery fresh parfum, the first thought that came to our minds was this would surely be an "odeur-rat."
Ageless photo made several years ago of children's tutus and ballet shoes in the Repetto store window, near the Opéra Garnier, Paris. Courtesy of Dr. Carol E. Cass
un petit rat de l'opéra:  a young ballet pupil
un jeune élève danseur de l'opéra:  idem
une odeur:  a smell
un rat:  a rat
l'odorat:  the sense of smell
un jeu de mots:  a play on words; pun
un parfum:  a perfume

©2011 P.B. Lecron

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