Thursday, December 15, 2011


What does a French youngster say when he has mis-buttoned his shirt? An old-fashioned nursery school expression and mental exercise that pairs days of the week to indicate how many buttons he skipped:

J'ai mis lundi avec mercredi.  I've put Monday with Wednesday. (If he's only missed one button.)

J'ai mis mardi avec vendredi.  I've put Tuesday with Friday. (If he's missed two buttons.)

Of course, he can start with any day of the week.

un bouton:  a button
vieillot(te):  old-fashioned
une école maternelle:  a nursery school
une pouponnière, une crèche:  a day nursery

Days of the week
dimanche:  Sunday
lundi:  Monday
mardi:  Tuesday
mercredi:  Wednesday
jeudi:  Thursday 
vendredi:  Friday
samedi:  Saturday  

©2011 P.B. Lecron

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