Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When the GPS stopped working in the Dordorgne backwoods and we unexpectedly found ourselves in a  village with the unlikely name of St. Pompon, there was no question but to stop to take a souvenir photo to show the family cat. Once home we learned that a local seigneur upon his return from a crusade in the 13th century decided to name his village for Saint Pomponius, a sixth-century Neapolitan bishop.

Traditionalists in France still take a dim view of giving pets Christian names, like Georges, Pierre or Benoît.  That's why we had thought we were safe when we started calling this fellow Pompon...

désapprouver:  to disapprove of, to take a dim view of
un seigneur:  a nobleman
une croisade:  a crusade

In the Occitan dialect, Saint-Pompon is said Sent Plemponh. Plen ponh is translated to French as à pleines poignées...i.e., handfuls!

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  1. OMG, i find these names of pets so cute and adorable. Hope no one finds them offensive. Nice share. Keep it up.