Friday, December 2, 2011


Par pitié...
The vacuum cleaner noise was too much for any cat to bear. He gave up; il a baissé les pattes.

un chat d'intérieur:  an indoor cat
un chat de maison:  an ordinary house cat and not purebred
un chat de gouttière:  an alley cat
un vacarme: a harsh noise, din
un boucan: a noisy racket
un aspirateur: a vacuum cleaner
une patte:  a paw

J'abandonne!  I give up!  It's hopeless.
Je donne ma langue au chat.  I give up (as in a guessing game); literally "I give my tongue to the cat."
Par pitié!  For pity's sake!
De grâce!  Please!
Il a baissé les bras:  He gave up; literally he lowered his arms.

©2011 P.B. Lecron

Learning French is fun! 
And it's even more fun if you start with reading illustrated children's book in French. Easy to understand, they are great learning resources, even for adults! For starters we would like to suggest a charming conte, Le lapin et la lune, écrit par Marianne Lecron, illustré par P. B. Lecron.  The book is also available in English, The Rabbit and the Moon. Both are available worldwide on Amazon.

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