Friday, May 11, 2012


La vie en Corse: A sow rooting for food along the roadside, inland--near the Col de Vergio, just on the edge of the Forêt d'Aïtone, below. It's not uncommon to see pigs and other livestock freely wandering around the island. The tourists' myth is that they are wild, however, guide books such as Le Routard assure readers that the animals' property owners know exactly where they are. Pigs like this one are allowed to range so that they feed mostly on chestnuts and acorns, giving Corsican porc its distinctive flavor.
The hardy Laricio, or Corsican pine, can live as long as 500 years; it's widely planted in continental France for reforestation.

une truie:  an adult female pig
un cochon:  a pig
sauvage:  wild; also unsociable
élevé(e) en liberté:  free-range

Photos courtesy of Pierre Lechanteux.  All rights reserved.

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