Monday, May 21, 2012


Look at what happened to the cherries of yesterday's blog post. Smart-phone photographer and jam maker Sylvia got right to work and made her own confiture maison. The jam reminds me of my favorite French expression--one that some readers might recall: La culture c'est comme la confiture, moins on en a, plus on l'étale. Culture is like confiture, the less one has, the more one spreads it around.

Its non-identical twin-sister expression goes like this: La culture c'est comme la confiture; plus on y goûte, plus on en reprend. Culture is like confiture; the more one tastes it, the more one goes back for more.

Go back for more is what lucky summer guests will do when served this black cherry jam at Sylvia's bed and breakfast in the Gard region of the south of France. 

la confiture maison:  home-made jam
goûter:  to taste
reprendre:  to take more; to take back; to recapture

©2012 P.B. Lecron

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  1. And one of my favorite is with this jam, some cheese !
    Not any kind of cheese. It could be a Petit Basque ( a sheep (ewe ?) cheese) or a local cheese, I find here on the market, a Tomme de brebis (sheep/ewe) from Camargue. You should try, with a toast ! Bon appétit !