Sunday, May 20, 2012


Le temps des cerises
It's already cherry-picking time in the south of France. Friend and guest smart-phone photographer, Sylvia, just sent this snapshot of a crate of bigarreau burlat cherries she bought at a local cherry festival.

Louis XV (1710-1774) liked cherries so much that he ordered intensive culture of the cherry tree in France, a measure for which the entire nation is still grateful. Cherries are second only to strawberries in popularity contests here.

une cerise:  a cherry
un cerisier:  a cherry tree
un cageot:  a crate

la cerise sur le gâteau:  the cherry on the cake; the crowning touch, sometimes said ironically
mettre une cerise sur le gâteau:  to finish a project or activity
une fête de la cerise:  a cherry festival
avoir la cerise:  to not have luck

Not to miss: Le Temps des Cerises, a popular song written in the late 19th century, interpreted in 1942 by the legendary Charles Trenet.

Mild humor & Sweet Cherry Liqueur, click here.


  1. So Yummy cherries ! The Regions are Ardèche, Drome provencale, Gard for the ones I've tasted and Here in Gard, it's the season. Spring was early but very cold in May, so it's was surprising to have these just in time for the Cherry Festival ! Lots of goodies like a fantastic Cherry sherbet !

  2. Cageot : a Crate.... But also : femme au physique peu attirant voire carrément repoussant. Synonymes : laideron, boudin.... Will let you translate that !

  3. Thanks, Sylvia! The slang meaning of cageot is new to me!